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Soundcloud Tutorial

Okay, this is going to be a quick tutorial on using SoundCloud. If you choose to do you do a podcast for your project, you’re going to come to

And you’re going to come over here to sign up, and you’re going to need to create an account, so you’ll put in your school email address, and you’ll choose a password,

and I would not click on yes because you’ll be getting a lot of emails.

That you don’t want, but you do have to agree to the Terms of Use and privacy policy before it will let you sign up, so once you have that information in, click on sign up, and it will create you an account. [Soundcloud Tutorial]

I already have an account, so I’m going to go ahead and log in okay so once you’re logged in, it’s going to take you into your dashboard,

and you’re going to probably you’ll see a blank dashboard since you do not have any sounds recorded to record your podcasts you’re going to come over here to upload.

You’re going to click on the record because you are going to record your podcast.

Then you want to click on allow, and then you’re going to click on the record button to stop recording, and you’re going to notice that there’s no time limit that your recording can be as long as you need it to be so it’s going to record.

SoundCloud Downloader

You’ll see the sound wave as you’re recording. When you finished recording, you’re going to click stop, and then you’re going to click over here to upload your recording now for whatever reason if you mess up.

You want to start over, you can do that by clicking start over, but if you’re happy with your recording, then you’re going to click upload, and then you’re going to watch it upload up here.

but you’re going to want to give it a name so that I would title it maybe your name and podcast or the name of your knight or something like that, and then you can also add a short description describing what the recording is about you could also upload an image of yourself or the night if you wanted to record type you wish to put the podcast

Then for the genre, just put a school project I wouldn’t worry about the tags you’re not going to be searching for this, or other users aren’t going to be searching for your podcast, so you can leave the labels blank okay, come down here to seventh settings and set it to private and then you’ll come down and click Save.

You’ll notice that this is your recording, so when you get ready to place this in our thing link, you’re going to click on share.

You’re going to copy and paste this secret link, and that is the secret link that you will use when you are ready to upload it to your classes thinglink one other thing I’ll show you if you come back here back to the home page it’s going to take you back to all of your recordings.

So if you do several different recordings, you will see those there. One thing that I would strongly encourage you to do is have a script in front of you and the other person that is you’re working on this with so that you have something to read off of so that you do not have to record over and over again you have a set script that allows you to to be ready to register if you have any questions just let me know Thanks.

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