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How to Download From SoundCloud

Do you want to download from SoundCloud?? But, are you confused about how to do that?? Well, let’s show you how you can do that both with pictures and descriptions of the steps. And, the process of downloading from mobile and PC is quite similar. You just have to remember the main steps to take to download from SoundCloud and it will be done.

Download from SoundCloud with a Mobile

1st Step

SoundCloud Downloader

2nd Step

SoundCloud Downloader

3rd Step

SoundCloud Downloader

4th Step

SoundCloud Downloader

5th Step

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6th Step

SoundCloud Downloader

Download from SoundCloud with a PC

1st Step

1. Click on Share

2nd Step

2. Copy the links from the address bar or copy the link from the share box

3rd Step

3. Paste the link in our website

4th Step

4. Click on download to start downloading

Download from SoundCloud with a Mobile

To download from SoundCloud with a mobile,

1. Download the SoundCloud app from Google Play Store or App Store.

2. Open the app. After that, Sign Up / Sign In with your account.

3. Find the Audio you want to download.

4. Click on the three dots.

5. Click on share.

6. After that, click on copy link. If the copy link button does not appear, click on any one of the media from the list like the message. Then, copy the link from the message. That’s the link.

7. After that, come to our website.

8. Paste the link in the link box.

9. Click on start and wait for sometimes.

10. After that, click on download and it will start downloading.

Download from SoundCloud with a PC

To download from SoundCloud with a PC,

1. Go to

2. Sign Up / Sign In with your account.

3. Find the audio you want to download.

4. Open it and copy the link from the address bar. Or, click on share and copy link from there.

5. Now, come back to our website.

6. Paste the link in the link box above this page.

7. Wait a few seconds. After that, the audio will be ready to be downloaded.

8. Click on the download button and it will automatically start downloading.

About SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a European online audio and music sharing platform and music sharing website that is based in Berlin, Germany. SoundCloud enables its users to upload, promote, and share their own audio. Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss started SoundCloud in 2007. SoundCloud has grown to be one of the largest music streaming services in the market and it reached over 175 million monthly users worldwide. The users of SoundCloud can get free and premium memberships that is available for desktop and mobile devices.

SoundCloud affected the music industry through the success of many artists that have emerged from this music-sharing service. Artists on the platform are able to share their work for free and it can be accessed by all users of SoundCloud. SoundCloud received huge supports from many investors and media platforms like Twitter. Though the streaming platform has dealt with funding issues and it laid off many employees so that they could stay profitable.

In August 2007, a Swedish sound designer called Alexander Ljung and a Swedish electronic musician named Eric Wahlforss established SoundCloud in Berlin. Then they launched the website in October 2008. The intention of SoundCloud was to allow musicians to collaborate sharing discussions and recordings but later it transformed into a publishing tool for music. According to the Wired magazine, soon after its inception of SoundCloud, it began to challenge the dominance of Myspace as a platform for musicians to publish and distribute their own music.

Major Fundings

In April 2009, SoundCloud received €2.5 million of funding from a commercial company named Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures. Later in May 2010, SoundCloud announced that it had one million users. In January 2011, SoundCloud raised US$10 million Series B funding from two venture capital firms named Union Square Ventures and Index Ventures. On 15 June 2011, SoundCloud had five million registered users.

At the same time, they got major investments from Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary’s A-Grade Fund. On 23 January 2012, SoundCloud had 10 million registered users. In May 2012, SoundCloud had more than 15 million users, and the users were increasing at a rate of $1.5 million per month.

In December 2012, A new APN was released which improved the mobile device support and added extra features like concurrent listening and platform navigation and added the ability to create personal collections. The response from users was not straight but mixed. Many users had dissatisfaction with these extra features. At this time, SoundCloud was reaching 180 million people per month. And, 10 hours of content was being uploaded per minute.

Twitter’s Partnarship

In March 2014, Twitter made a partnership with SoundCloud to develop Twitter’s first Integrated music app. But, this project never saw the light of day as SoundCloud couldn’t accommodate licensed music because they did not have enough arrangements with music labels. In July of 2014, SoundCloud had more than 40 million registered users and the rate of new users per month was 20 million.

In January of 2015, SoundCloud started licensing negotiations with major music labels to address the matters of its users uploading copyrighted and unauthorized content to the platform every day. This announcement had a round of funding and $60 million was raised in this fund. This gave the company a $700 million value. According to different media sources, SoundCloud forced the negotiations so that they could avoid similar problems faced by google. They forced it to handle a large number of takedown notices on its YouTube platform.

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